Nari Suites apartments (BnB) are fully furnished and ready for your short or long stay

The Service

Great service is one of the things we think about most. We start with selecting passionate people. Then we let them put that passion to work. This is part of what shapes the look of each Nari Suites apartment.

The Standards

We strive to align our standards with yours, delivering an experience that lives up to them. We know you’ve put a lot into getting to where you are. We believe where you live should reflect that. So we put ourselves into making sure it does

The Life

Effortless. Enjoyable. Truly comfortable living is both. That’s why we go out of our way to choose locations and to design amenities that put so much within reach. So you can live easy without even trying.


We believe elevating where you live is about blending it seamlessly with how you live. We go to great lengths designing interiors, amenities and choosing locations that put everything within reach. Where you live, is where you come alive.

Nari Suites apartments are available in a variety of locations within Uganda. Each apartment is equipped with a host of apartment features that make day-to-day life much simpler for you. Additionally, you can choose between a one-, two- or three-bedroom apartment, or a luxurious studio home. 

On one hand residents get the benefit of living near Kampala city, a dynamic city that offers a multitude of things to do, and on the other hand,  Nari Suites offers high-speed and common area WiFi, digital resident services including the ability to submit service requests and pay your rent, package service, and more. This is not just apartment living. This is premium living.